K goes to the hospital

K has Epilepsy. He is on medication for it but every once in awhile he still has seizures. Today he was at school, sitting at the table having snack, when he suddenly fell off his chair. His head hit the table before he started convulsing. The school staff are great, they know what to do. They left him, making sure there was a clear area around him, and started timing the seizure. They know not to call 911 unless it lasts longer than 5 mins. But after 2 mins he stopped breathing. They called 911 immediately and then called Hubby. He started breathing again on his own, and was sent to the hospital in an ambulance.
By the time I got there he was a little drowsy, because the paramedics had to give him something to calm him down in the ambulance, and he had a HUGE bruised bump on the side of his head. The doctor checked him out and said there was no concussion, but she wanted to increase his meds until we see his neurologist again next month.
The last time K stopped breathing during a seizure was when he had his first one at 14. It was the worst thing to watch. It still is. (See K’s other hidden disability). Hopefully this new dose will work better. He’s grown a lot in 4 years!
So no Mommy Time for me tomorrow. Oh well. But I have to keep K home to keep an eye on him.
I’ve had it with this week, and it’s only Wednesday!



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