When it happens to you

B came up to our room last night very upset. He asked me to come downstairs and see something on the computer. When I got down there I was greeted by a Facebook page with pictures of all my boys, calling them retards and saying horrible things about them. I immediately reported it to FB and took screen shots.
I know who it was who did it. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind. It is the same kid who has been spreading horrible lies about B. But for him to bring the rest of my family into his little game is the last straw for me.
Monday morning Hubby and I are going to the school to report this to the principal. We will tell the principal that we intend to press charges. He will call the police, who can contact FB and trace the IP address to who made the page. That, and the screenshots, are more than enough proof.
A few months ago this kid accused B of something horrible enough that the police were called. He had no proof. It was his story against B’s.
This kid has got away with so much because his parents don’t monitor his computer use. I went to check this kid’s page. He doesn’t have it blocked so I scrolled through his timeline. The language he uses is horrible! Sure enough, a month ago, he had posted a link to the other page. And on the whole other page, he is the only one who has commented. The similarities between both pages is exact. Gotcha.
We fully expect to press charges. This kid can’t get away with this one. This is the perfect way to set an example to all the other kids in the school that cyber-bullying, and making hate pages like this kid did, is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.
I am not looking forward to this fight, but it must be done. This has to stop.
UPDATE After reporting the page to Facebook I got a reply saying the page does NOT violate their Statement of Rights and Responsibilities! Seriously? We’ll see about that.
The school is meeting with the other boy’s parents this evening. I have to meet with the school and the police tomorrow. The vice-principal said if it is proven that the other boy created the page the consequences will be very serious. Darn right it will be serious! Between this kid and now Facebook, it seems I still have a lot of fighting to do. To be continued.
UPDATE Went back to the school today. They had to wait for the police to come so instead of waiting there all day I came home. The vice-principal said she would call me. I checked this afternoon and not only is the horrible page gone, but the kid’s personal page is gone as well. When B came home he told me the police were still outside the school. I never did get a follow-up call but I am sure she will call me tomorrow. At least the page is gone.
I was reading on Twitter today that a mother was told by FB that she needed to remove pictures of her DS child because, according to them, it went against their statement about discrimination! But some idiot kid can say horrible things about my kids and it’s ok? Get with it FB! I don’t know who is in charge of screening pages but they need to be fired. My report rejection was signed by “Viki”. Start with her. Seriously.



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