K, pizza and Pica

One thing I don’t think I have mentioned is K’s diagnosis of Pica. Pica is an eating disorder that causes the person to eat non-edible objects. It is very common in children with Autism, and it can be very dangerous. Some of the objects that K has eaten include:
Carpet underpadding.
Couch stuffing.
Elastic bands
Toy car rubber wheels
Hair brush bristles
A rubber glove.
Yes. A rubber glove. We found out when he woke up one day sick and looking grey. We brought him to the hospital and they did an x-ray, which showed what looked like a pin stuck in his stomach. He was rushed down to Sick Kids where we waited to see if he would need surgery to have it removed. Hubby went home to pick up a few things and noticed a hair brush with bristles missing on the floor in K’s room. He brought it with him to the hospital and, when compared to the x-ray, it was confirmed it was a bristle, not a pin. (The following is not for the faint of stomach) The doctor came in to do an exam and it caused K to have a huge BM. The doctor pulled out what looked like cardboard from his bum. Hubby, being a big CSI buff, put on some gloves and examined the lump. He stretched it out and we found an entire rubber glove (the non-latex kind you find in hospitals). We don’t keep any in the house so the only place he could have got hold of one was at respite, as they use them for diaper changes. I made sure the administrator there was made aware of what happened. (Ok, gross part over).
Controlling K’s appetite is an ongoing battle. If he had his way he would eat all day. He is constantly going to the fridge. We tried putting a lock on it and he almost pulled it down on himself! Whenever we have dinner and S is at work, we put the leftovers in the microwave. If I’m not looking, K will go straight to the microwave and eat what is there.
But pizza. That is a whole fight in itself. I was tired today so I ordered a pizza. S was at work and Hubby was at a Union meeting. Pizza is a staple in this house. We have it at least twice a week. But that doesn’t stop K from trying to eat every single piece. I put the box in the oven to save it for S and Hubby. I left the room for one minute and I heard the oven door open. I ran back and there K was, head in the oven, trying to grab as many pieces as he could. I smacked his hand and got 2 back from him, but he managed to get 3. I tried to grab it back from him and he hit out, and kicked out, keeping me away from him so he could shove it all into his mouth. I let him finish eating, took him by the arm, led him up to his room, tucked him in bed, and closed the door. His usual bedtime routine, one hour early, but with no cuddles or kisses. He knew I was upset. I hear him banging around in his room, but he hasn’t come out. I will get Hubby to check on him when he gets home.
Sometimes if we leave the empty pizza box in the kitchen, K will put it back into the oven. He will keep checking to see if pizza has appeared.
He is so lucky he’s cute.



1 thought on “K, pizza and Pica

  1. My dear little girl loves to eat too. I so wish we could bolt the refrigerator closed. She loves the microwave and oven (secretly, I bet she could cook us a mean dinner if I let her).

    When it comes to nonfood items, my daughter’s more of a paper/mulch/leaf kind of gal. It seems to finally be waning a bit as she grows – 7 now. But a few weeks ago a 2 FOOT LONG string of twine came out of her butt. I know this only because it was upsetting her and she screamed for me in the bathroom. Ya think??? Anyway, we figured out eventually that it came from a box of cupcakes given to the teachers at her school for Valentine’s Day. Apparently, the cupcakes weren’t even given to the kids.

    Now despite her long history of pica, this was NOTHING like anything she’s eaten before. I don’t know how she got it down her throat, I really don’t. Lately, when she eats things, she usually just chews on them for a while first and often spits it out. I can’t even imagine how she did all this when she has a 1-1 ratio at school…but that’s besides the point. It clearly occurred during Valentine’s Day chaos, but still!!!!

    Did she swipe a cupcake and it was baked inside?
    Did she steal the twine from the garbage can?

    I’ll never know because she can’t tell me. And I say it all the time – damn lucky she’s so adorable. If only she didn’t realize it too…

    I’ll be following your blog more closely now. My heart goes out to you for the whole bullying mess. I hope that’s the end of it.

    My Whac-A-Mole Life

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