B’s broken heart

I feel so horrible. It really wasn’t my fault, but as B’s mom I always seem to take on responsibility for his mistakes. Because of his ADHD, B finds it very hard to concentrate on tasks. He also has trouble with time management and getting organized for assignments and tests. It is a daily routine for me to have to go through a list of questions “Did you do your homework?” “Do you have a test coming up?” “Is there an assignment due?” But there still always seems to be something he forgets.
Last year he did a History project that earned him an 80% and a trip to the city finals! We were all so proud! His topic was Remembrance Day. He kept that project in his room all year. Yesterday he comes to us and says this years History project is due…today. He had done all the research but needed a tri-fold board to mount it on. Hubby took him to the local store to get supplies but there were no tri-fold boards. But B was so adamant that he needed it, that we told him he had to use the one from last year. That meant he had to take everything off. He brought it downstairs and started taking things off, and the look on his face broke my heart. He had been so proud of it! I tried to make him feel better by saying we can’t keep everything forever and he said he knew, but I couldn’t help but feel his disappointment with every piece he tore off.
Even after he had taken everything off that he could, it still had glue and some paper left on it. He kept saying he was going to fail. I could see the frustration mounting in him. I went to Hubby and told him what happened and after dinner he went to find another store. He finally found one, brought it home, and B finished his project. He went off to school this morning still thinking he was going to fail. I told him that he did the best he could and that is all that he can expect from himself. He may not make the finals with this one but I know he won’t fail.
And last years board sits stripped. I really wish we could have saved it.


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