Another sleepless night

One of the biggest issues I hear from other parents of children with Autism is the lack of sleep they get at times. I have been very lucky with K in that he is, in general, a very good sleeper. He always has been. Of course there have been a few times where he has not fallen asleep until the middle of the night. But they are so few they don’t cause me the grief it can cause some parents.
I just haven’t been able to sleep. I have been trying everything I can think of but nothing has worked. I am on a lot of medication, most of which cause drowsiness, but I guess it does the opposite for me. It is so frustrating! I take pills in the morning, that make me drowsy by 2 pm, but I can’t have a nap or I won’t sleep that night. I take more pills at night, but they don’t knock me out at all!
Yes, I have had a lot on my mind with K lately, but things have really started looking up with him so my lack of sleep doesn’t seem to have anything to do with that.
I think a lot of it is Hubby. I am worried about the stress he is under. He always tries to put on a brave face for me but I see what the problems with his work are doing to him. It has been tight for awhile but since they denied him his WSIB and took the two weeks off his cheque we have been struggling to catch up. He keeps telling me not to worry, but with me that is impossible. I feel guilty for not being back at work. If I was back we would have more money. But I can’t go back until I am well. How can I get well if I am not sleeping? How can I sleep when I am worried about Hubby? Feels like a vicious cycle to me.
I go see my therapist today. Maybe he can give me some insight or advice.
I also see my doctor today so I will ask when would be the best times to take my meds to make sure they help me sleep. Or maybe he will prescribe a sleeping aid. Anything to give me at least 4 hours straight! I would be more than happy with that!
But, looking on the bright side, it does give me more blogging time and a chance to Tweet with my “UK Mums”. 🙂



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