WTH is a “Beeya?”

K is non-verbal. That means he doesn’t communicate using words. It doesn’t mean he makes no sounds. He has always babbled. (See “Communication”)
His new “word” is “Beeya”. That is what it sounds like. I wouldn’t pay much attention except that he says it over and over, all the time! You make eye contact with him, he says it. Sitting alone on the couch, he’ll say it. There is no specific reason or situation that would make it make sense!
Hubby jokes that it means beer. K likes beer. We have caught him on numerous occasions drinking from one of his dads, or pouring some in his juice cup, or even grabbing one out of the fridge and opening it!
I would love to know what it means but, as with all of K’s “words”, I don’t think I will.



2 thoughts on “WTH is a “Beeya?”

  1. So weird! “Beeya” is one of Benjamin’s “words,” too! Along with “dobby” and “thumpy.” šŸ™‚

  2. So weird!! “Beeya” is one of Benjamin’s words, too!! Along with “dobby” and “thumpy.” He’ll say them over and over.

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