K’s new respite

A few posts ago I blogged about K losing his respite due to his behaviour (see “Losing Respite”). After a consultation with his Behavioural Therapist, she put a rush on finding him a new place. I was not feeling optimistic thinking I would have to wait for months. Two days after her consultation I got a phone call from a respite place that takes adults. I knew that things would change when he turned 18 but I didn’t think it would happen so quickly! We made arrangements for a tour. A couple of days later I get a call from ANOTHER respite place! We made arrangements for a tour there too.
Hubby and I went to tour the first place yesterday. The first thing we noticed was that it was right across the street from a big park. The place itself is fully enclosed by fences. We went inside to meet the supervisor, a very nice man. He asked us questions about K and the problems we had at his old respite place. He assured us that, although they do have an elevator, it is locked and can only be opened by staff or the few permanent residents they have. So K can sit there pushing the buttons all day and it won’t open. We also noticed wheelchair buttons on every door, which is to be expected in a place like this, and we told him he may have trouble keeping K from pushing the buttons to open the doors. He said they were used to it, as another respite client does the same thing. But he assured us there were alarms at every door and they were always kept locked. We then went on the tour.
The place was going through some renovations, inside and out, so there were some places we couldn’t go but what we did see really impressed us. Some rooms have one bed, some have two. They have 2 common areas where residents can hang out, play games, or just watch TV. When we walked into the eating area we met one of the residents. She was a Chinese lady with Down Syndrome. I would say she was probably in her 40s. She was all excited because she had found her Diet Coke lol. There were 2 staff in there with her.
The supervisor told me they do have a higher amount of male staff, which would work out perfect because K seems to respond and listen to men more than women.
The next step is to have a dinner visit with K. We drop him off for an hour while he has dinner with them. They ask us to sit in the other room in case he gets upset (which he will because he won’t know anyone) but they need to see what he is like without his parents around. After that we can start booking visits.
I told the supervisor about us seeing another place and Hubby asked if we can use both places, as a joke, but apparently we CAN use both, but the hours are shared. This is wonderful news because if we really needed a certain date and one place was full, we could use the other place! Hopefully they won’t both be full, lol!
We see the other place at the end of the month. After seeing the first place I am now very optimistic! Things are moving now! It may not be much longer before he gets permanent care.
I want to thank everyone for your prayers and positive thoughts! Keep them coming!



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