Adults with Autism – from their perspective

I had asked if anyone would like me to do a Q&A on my blog because K’s situation gets so many questions. I was asked by one of my best Twitter friends, Rob (a high functioning Autistic), if I could write a blog about adults with Autism. I am not an expert, and K may be an adult with Autism, but his Down Syndrome and severe developmental delay makes his situation different. I asked Rob if he would write a few things about being an adult living with Autism. The following is from him. Thank you for being such a good friend Rob!


Before we begin please check out the blog he wrote about growing up with Autism.

Hi! I’m Rob and I am 33 years old. I have lots of friends and people who love me. I also have Autism. I found out about my Autism when I was 21 but was diagnosed when I was 13. My step-mother explained what is was and why I was seeing a therapist and on meds. I didn’t really understand what it was.
Sometimes I act a little younger than I am, but I’m not stupid!
Sometimes I still sleep with a stuffed animal.
Sometimes it is hard to remember things, but I always do the best I can. I just don’t like being judged for the way I am.
I went to Vista Vocational & Life Skills Center in Westbrook, CT. They teach about how to live on our own by learning how to cook, pay bills, do laundry, and how to get and keep a job. Sometimes it is hard to get a job because employers would rather hire someone else. Without a job it is hard to find a place to live.
I am high-functioning so I can get a job, if someone would hire me, then get my own place. We can fall in love, like I did with my fiancé, Sumner. I can’t wait until she is finished school and we can be together. We plan on having children and raising a family. Not all people with Autism can do this, but the high-functioning ones can.
Thank you for hearing my story.

Rob is on Twitter. @lil_red_man. Please follow him. He has become a very dear friend to me, as has his fiancé, Sumner @lilsouthernlady. I call him my little bro because he will always be like family to me.


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