What is going on???

In my previous post I mentioned that K lost his respite due to his behaviour and hurting staff. On Friday there was a note in his communication book from school that said “K was borderline violent, knocking over chairs repeatedly. Very stubborn about moving. He would smile when told sternly to stop this behaviour. Any suggestions are welcome.” Yes, you got it. The SCHOOL is now having trouble with him. The one place where he always seemed to behave himself, and listened and followed instructions! On one hand I am happy that everyone is finally seeing what he is like with me all the time but on the other I wonder where this bad behaviour is coming from. He doesn’t seem frustrated with anything. It seems as though he’s doing all this just to be bad. And when he is spoken to sternly, he just smiles and laughs and continues. I’m at my wits end now! If respite can’t handle him at all, and the school is at a loss with what to do, and even his Behavioural Therapist is stumped, what am I supposed to do?
I am waiting to have an assessment done through developmental services. I am positive that when they see K, and hear our story, we will be able to find a more suitable place for him. I was told it was no longer a “waiting list” but a “needs list”. That is good news for us, because his needs seem to be getting more and more and my services, especially when he turns 18 next month, are getting less and less. Hubby and I were talking and we agreed that if he has to go somewhere outside the city we will move closer to wherever that is. The only other place we tried so far was 45 mins away. I know they try to find a place close to home, but if a good place that meets his needs is 2 hours away, I can’t turn it down. We are already planning to move in 10 years, but if we have to move that date up, we will.
I know some of my readers have children in respite or even in permanent care. What was the process like for you? How far away do they have to go? For those who still have small children, check all the services in your area. Be prepared beforehand. I wish I had so I would have had a back-up plan. I wouldn’t be rushing around trying to get things going for when he turns 18. Two weeks until then. Unbelievable.



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