K’s other hidden disability

K has Epilepsy. He was diagnosed with that around the same time he was diagnosed with Autism. His first seizure happened when he was 14. I will never forget it. We were sitting on the couch watching TV together and I was tickling him. All of a sudden he started choking. I pounded his back and yelled for hubby to come. He laid K down to see if he could clear his airway because K’s lips were blue and his tongue was purple and swollen. He started CPR while I called 911. K was convulsing and gasping for air. I felt so helpless. After what seemed like an eternity the convulsions eased and K started breathing normally again. The ambulance arrived and we went to the hospital.
The doctor there told us the convulsions could have been connected to the choking episode since he had no history of seizures. He wasn’t put on any medication. But we were told to look out for it to happen again which it did 2 weeks later. This time he was sitting on the floor playing with his toys. Then it seemed like he zoned out for a couple of minutes. He does that all the time so I didn’t take much notice but then the convulsions started. I was by myself this time but I didn’t panic. After about a minute the convulsions stopped and K fell asleep right there on the floor. I knew then that they were seizures and made an appt with a neurologist.
By the time we got the appt, K was having seizures every couple of weeks. The neurologist put him on Lamotrigine and sent him for an MRI. He was diagnosed and after a little trial and error we got him on a dose that stopped the seizures. The only time he would have one is if he missed a dose, so we made sure he was given his pills regularly.
He hasn’t had one in almost a year but yesterday he had one. He was sitting in the chair. He zoned out for awhile and then they started. If you have ever seen a seizure you know what I am talking about. K’s tongue swells right up and I have to make sure it doesn’t block his airway. I have to leave him where he is and just let the seizure pass. All I want to do is hold him. But all I can do is watch. After a min and a half they stopped and he slumped over. He always sleeps after a seizure.
I know he has been taking his meds because I give them to him myself. We don’t see the neurologist again for another 2 months, so I will just have to hope it was a one time thing. I hope he doesn’t have another one. But there is always the chance.



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