How the heck do you explain this?

Ok. I need some advice. It’s one of those subjects you have to approach delicately because if I use certain words I will get certain searchers I don’t want. There is a situation we are going through with K that is proving very difficult to control. It is a personal thing but so far no one I speak to can give me any ideas to get him to stop. Well, it will be impossible to stop completely, he is a 17 year old teenage boy after all! But how in the world do I stop K from doing it wherever and whenever he feels like it? How do you explain inappropriate behaviour to someone who doesn’t understand?
I hope my readers can understand what I am saying. I really don’t want to spell it out anymore without grossing everyone out. But I am at my wit’s end! At the moment I tell him “No!” and pull his diaper and pants back up, but he just laughs and thinks its a game. It has my BT and my OT stumped! I get notes from the school saying he is rubbing up on other students. At home if I don’t catch him, he doesn’t tuck it back in his diaper so he pees on everything! When people sit on the couch he tries to straddle their legs like a dog! Family is used to it and they don’t let him, but sometimes he tries it on guests. We physically have to remove him from the room when he starts that behaviour and lead him to his bedroom. We are trying to get him to associate that sensation to being in his room. So far it has not made a bit of difference. Except I have to clean his sheets more because he forgets to pull his diaper back up.
I apologize for the topic. Really. But having a child like K, at his age, I feel lost as I have yet to find someone in a similar situation. I know of parents with dual-diagnosis kids, but they are still young. K is a teenage boy! He’s gone through puberty! His non-verbal voice has changed!
If anyone has any advice please share it. Any ideas and suggestions are more than appreciated!



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