K’s laugh

As I have mentioned before, K has always been a very happy, loving child. Even though he was happy playing by himself, he did enjoy some interaction. He has always liked Peek A Boo! Even to this day I can peak around the corner, say Boo, and he will laugh. He laughs at his toys. He laughs alone in his room when he should be sleeping. The funny thing is, he wouldn’t laugh at jokes. He wouldn’t laugh at TV shows when something funny happens. He just didn’t understand that it was funny. But at school he laughed watching the other kids play bowling. He laughs when he empties out my linen closet and hides inside. Maybe as he gets older he is starting to understand humour better.
He loves being tickled. Sometimes I don’t even have to touch him! He sees my wiggly fingers coming and laughs away! Recently, hubby has found a spot right under K’s arm that makes him laugh in a completely different way! You can’t hear him laugh that way without laughing yourself! It is so contagious! I asked hubby to try to describe it so I can write it here. I think it sounds a little like Goofy, but hubby said “It sounds like K. Unique.”



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