High school for B

I received B’s course list for when he starts high school in September yesterday. First of all, I can’t believe my baby is starting high school! Secondly, due to his ADHD, I wondered what courses he would want to take. Usually B will go with the easy route, so I was expecting him to choose Drama or Food and Nutrition. He also knows that there are certain courses he has to take all through high school if he wants to design video games one day.
B is on what is called an IEP. It is an Individualized Education Plan. He has his regular class but then he goes to another class for Math and Language. He is still only reading at a grade 7 level but his math has greatly improved! The IEP also means he must take Learning Strategies in High School and can only take Academic courses (as opposed to Applied, which are university prep courses). When I heard that my initial thought was that his future was so limited! Does that mean he is restricted to college? I was reassured by his teacher that it all depends on his marks. If he does well on the Academic in grade 9 he can switch to Applied the next year. They just want to make sure he only takes on what he is capable of taking on. If we push him too hard at the beginning it could backfire and he will get discouraged. When he gets discouraged he gives up.
So B and I sat down last night to go through his course selection. Besides the usual English, Math, Science, etc he had his choice in Arts and Electives. He didn’t choose Drama, he chose Visual arts. And he didn’t choose Food and Nutrition, he chose Exploring Technologies. He was very excited with his choices and even told me he would try extra hard so he could switch to the Applied because he really wants to go to university. I was so proud to hear that! No short cuts, no easy way out. He did his research and knows what he needs to reach his goal. I hope beyond hope that he continues with that attitude! He seems to be turning into a man right before my eyes!



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