Another First for K!

I was so proud of K this morning! First of all he kept his pajamas and diaper on all night! (Which is a miracle in itself! Usually I find him in his birthday suit with a wet bed) Then he used his picture board to ask for his breakfast. Today he wanted toast (as always), applesauce and milk! I asked him to say Please and he kissed my cheek, which IS his way of saying please. He helped me get him dressed and then we waited for the bus to come. Because he had been at respite, his wheelchair was at home. Usually we leave it at the school because there is the only place he uses it daily. If we have to go somewhere we ask the school to send the chair home and then we send it back to them. Anyway, when K sees his wheelchair he automatically thinks he needs to sit in it. I also think he prefers the ride over walking! When the bus arrived I walked out with K and got the wheelchair out of the garage. Preparing for a fight (since he is not allowed to use the chair at home) I told K to stand still while I wheeled the chair to the bus. Instead he went ahead of me and started running away (its actually walking very fast). I quickly tried to run after him but he went straight to the door of the bus and walked up the stairs! I brought the chair over to the driver to put it on the bus and by the time I got on the bus he was already sitting in his seat! So I strapped him in and away he went!
That was the first time he seemed to know what he was expected to do at home! I thought for sure I would have either had to fight to keep him out of the chair or chase after him as he ran down the street. But he surprised me in the most amazing way! WTG K!



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