A day in the life of K

One of the best things you can do for any child is to have a routine every day. When your child has Autism, any change in their routine can have difficult consequences. With B’s ADHD, having a schedule helps him to stay on task, among other things. He knows exactly what he should be doing, every moment of the day.
Same with K. He just got back from respite today. His routine there is completely different from his routine at home, but he has learned to adapt to that. He knows the difference between home routine, school routine, and respite routine. I just wish it was consistent, but that is next to impossible due to the surroundings and the fact that all the other kids are on the same schedule. They have K adapt to them. At home, we have all adapted to K.
I decided I will share our routine for K. Of course, this would be a typical day. Those don’t happen very often.
K gets up every morning at 7 am. I wake him up, get him washed up, dressed. I will continue to try and get him to dress himself. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not. After that he has his breakfast. I use his picture board to allow him the choice, but he always picks the same thing. Toast, banana and juice. So after he eats he gets his hands and face washed and by that time he has to get ready for the bus. He needs to wear a harness because there have been times when he has stood up and walked around the bus while it was moving! Once the bus arrives off he goes!
When he gets home his first stop is the kitchen for snack. Again I use the picture board for him to choose. Usually it is applesauce or a cheese sandwich. Then it is play time. Most of the time he likes to play in his room, but sometimes he will play with me. Bowling or puzzles, etc. At 5 pm Bugs Bunny comes on. I swear he knows when it is on because he goes straight to the TV room at that time and waits for me to turn it on. Then it’s dinner time (see my blog on Feeding Time).
After dinner is usually Daddy time. He will sit and watch TV or play with Daddy until bath time. 8 pm bath, 830 bed. At least, we try to get him to bed on time. Usually he stays up babbling in his room for an hour. And the next day it starts all over. Sounds like a normal day, right? What I don’t mention is the numerous fights in the kitchen to get food out of the fridge. The diapers I have to change. The daily laundry because K takes his diaper off at night and wets his bed. The tantrums and banging if he doesn’t get his way or if his toy doesn’t work. THAT is a normal day.
What are your days like? We all have different routines and schedules for our children, let’s compare. 🙂



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