Birth of an Angel

Before I start this blog I want to make one thing clear. These are my views and mine alone. I understand completely if you don’t agree but please don’t leave me negative comments. This is a very touchy subject to some people but I wanted to share MY experience. With that in mind, I will continue.
I have been asked by a few people that if I had known about K’s disability before he was born, would I have kept him? Now that could mean abortion or adoption. The answer is, I did know there was a chance that K would have DS. It started when I was 17 wks pregnant. I had just had the blood tests that check for abnormalities, defects, etc. My doctor called me and told me that I had a 2% chance and asked if I wanted an amniocentesis to find out for sure. He even suggested abortion for medical reasons. I told him I would talk to Hubby and give him my decision. Telling Hubby was so hard. I couldn’t stop crying. We were only 22. Could we handle a child with SN? We already had a one year old! What would that mean to him? We talked for hours and agreed that we would not find out, we would love him no matter what. After all, what is 2%?
My pregnancy was uneventful. I was healthy all the way through. It actually went out of my mind! When it was time for delivery it all came back. The fear. The uncertainty. As soon as he was born we knew for sure.
I looked down at his beautiful face and thanked God I decided to keep him. I knew it would be a rough road. I knew the future would be rough and uncertain. But I also knew that looking into my boys face and hearing his laugh and watching him grow would be worth every moment.
And it has.



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