But we can’t handle him!

I think one of the saddest parts of K’s disability is the fact that we have never been able to depend on the family for babysitting. Every single person has turned us down saying they can’t handle his behaviour. I would love to know how they even know how his behaviour will be with them if they haven’t watched him since he was a baby! I swear as soon as he started walking we lost all support from family. His grandparents I can understand, as it is hard for them to run after him, but what about his aunts and uncles? Why do they always ask me when K is at respite before we are invited over? The excuse I get? “Well it’s easier for YOU!” I deal with it everyday, it’s easier for them.
Sometimes they have no choice but to invite us all over, but usually he sits on the couch with hubby so he doesn’t run around. Yes, all of them try to give him hugs, but he usually shoves them away. They leave him alone after that. The only one who does anything 1 on 1 with him is Grandpa, who makes sure he is the one to give K his ice cream after dinner. He has been doing that every time we go there for dinner ever since K was old enough to eat it! Even after K learned how to feed himself he still had Grandpa feed him his ice cream.
Some members of hubby and my family’s say “We don’t know how you do it”. Others try to give me advice. HA! You take K for 24 hours and then I might think about listening to your advice. Until then, STFU!



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