Mom vs Dad

It amazes me (and kinda pisses me off) that K’s behaviour is so different with me then it is with hubby or S. For the longest time, hubby didn’t believe me when I told him how K was with me. When hubby is not home, K constantly goes to the fridge to grab something (usually wieners or lunch meat) and it is so much of a fight getting it away from him. He will twist and turn to stop me from grabbing it and then he will shove it all in his mouth. We tried putting a lock on it but he would pull so hard I was afraid he would pull the whole thing down. He tries to grab the bread and put it in the toaster. Unfortunately he dips the bread in the butter and then puts it in. I need to watch him constantly, but sometimes that’s impossible. He also tries to escape out the front door and has succeeded on a couple of occasions. I’ll never forget the one time he got out after taking his diaper off and was running up the street naked! We had to put a lock that needs a key to get out so he wouldn’t do it again. Huge fire hazard but what other choice do I have? He figured out how to open the dead bolt. K also likes to grab me and pinch me. He has almost pushed me down the stairs a few times! He is so strong! I have bruises and scratches all over me. The worst part is how he laughs when I get upset. And those are only some examples!
When hubby is home K is completely different. He will sit on the couch beside him and pat Daddy’s head or play with his toys, or sit on the floor watching tv or play with his bowling set. He will only go in the kitchen when Daddy does, and he will not go near the fridge. As I mentioned earlier, Hubby didn’t believe me when I told him how much mischief he got into until he hid in the closet when K came home from school. Since K didn’t know he was there he did his usual dart for the kitchen and tried to grab something. I wrestled with him and that time he almost threw me on the ground! Hubby came over and K immediately stopped, handing over the wieners he had grabbed and went to sit in the living room. I was so frustrated I almost cried! Hubby apologized to me but there isn’t much he can do. He can’t be there 24/7. So I have to stay one step ahead of him at all times. I have to get to the kitchen before him, I have to make sure the front door is always locked.
There was one time when Hubby thought I was watching K and I thought he was watching him. He was quiet and I figured he was behaving himself for Daddy so I went to do the laundry. I came upstairs, walked into my living room and stopped in my tracks. There was K, sitting on the floor watching tv, with an empty bottle of ketchup in his hands. The rest of the ketchup was all over the room. All over him, all over the TV, all over the walls and floor. And there was K with the biggest smile I have ever seen! I had to stand there staring for awhile, then I called for hubby. He came downstairs, and all he could do was laugh! Daddy brought him upstairs and into the bath he went, while I tried to clean all that ketchup. Anybody watch CSI? It looked like a crime scene!
It must be a man thing, because K isn’t naughty with S either! It just frustrates me that K knows he can push me around. I hope his BT has some suggestions for that, because I don’t know what else to do.



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