K’s guardian angels

I believe K has guardian angels looking out for him. Whatever your beliefs are, you won’t be able to argue with this.
We used to live on the ground floor of an apartment building. One night I was woken up by a banging on my window. I opened it and there was a lady there. She told me K had pushed out his window screen and was walking up the street. She had taken his hand and led him back to the apartment. I opened the side door and thanked her. I don’t recall seeing her before that, and I never saw her again.
When we moved into our house we had to screw the window of his room shut. It was quite a long drop down. One night hubby was supposed to go out but something told him he should stay home. Later that evening I went upstairs to check on K and couldn’t find him! I know he had gone upstairs to his room, and he couldn’t open his window, so the panic sets in. I checked the bathroom, the linen closet, our room, then I checked B’s room. The window was closed but I saw K outside. He was just sitting on the roof outside the window! I got hubby to get him in because there was no way I could have lifted him up myself.
Sometimes in the middle of the night I will hear K laughing in his room. Hubby and I always say his Gramma, who passed away when hubby was 11, is visiting him. šŸ™‚ So whatever your beliefs are I know there is a higher power looking out for my son, and an extra pair of eyes never hurts!



1 thought on “K’s guardian angels

  1. This post is so lovely.
    I can see why you believe K has Guardian Angels, and to this his Gramma is sat playing with him in the morning is such a wonderful thought and really makes me smile šŸ™‚

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