Shave and a haircut – Two bits!

I was tweeting with some of my fellow parents of kids with special needs today and we got on the topic of haircuts. It amazed me how similar our stories were! K HATES getting his hair cut. Actually he has never had it “cut” i.e. with scissors. He would thrash his head too much so there was no way I was going to have sharp edges anywhere near him. Going to the barber was a no, as he would thrash even worse for him. So hubby and I decided the best way would be to use an electric razor to shave his head when his hair got too long to manage.
Hubby would have to sit on the couch with K on the floor between his legs. I would hold on to his arms so he wouldn’t grab the cord and pull out the plug. Then we had to turn the razor on. And the screaming would begin.
The best time Hubby ever got was 10 mins. The worst? 45 mins. I swear the neighbours thought horrible things, but they knew about K and if he was crying too hard, we would stop and give him a break. It couldn’t be too long because we couldn’t leave him half shaved! I like Rock, not Punk! But I always hated doing it because it was the only time K actually cried. 😦
But then we found it. A cordless shaver that wasn’t as loud. We tried it. He knew what was coming and he started to get upset, but as Hubby started shaving him, he grew quieter! I let go of his hands. Immediately he went for the shaver cord, but there wasn’t one! He sat there just grumbling (his “I’m grumpy” noise) and Hubby shaved the rest of his head. It took 5 mins. I cried.
That was a year ago. Since then he has started to grow a beard. But when we tried to shave his face he refused to sit still. He would thrash his head so much I was afraid he would get whiplash! So we didn’t. Now it’s starting to get a little curly. But he still won’t let us shave it. I guess we will keep trying until he let’s us. Or next time he needs to be sedated for surgery or a test I will bring along a razor, because that is most likely what it will take.



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