Let’s talk

Today is Bell’s Let’s Talk Day. It’s a day where people talk about mental illness to raise awareness and combat the stigma that keeps people from seeking the help they need.
Bell Canada will donate 5 cents for every long distance call and text message to programs dedicated to mental health. Last year they raised over $3 million.
One in five Canadians have some form of mental illness but two of three will suffer in silence fearing judgment and rejection.
So let’s talk.
I have a mental illness. I’m Bipolar. People hear that and some will automatically put a “label” on me. I’m crazy, psychotic, unstable. Um, no. I have depressive and manic episodes every few months or so but they are well controlled on medication. I am going through a major depressive episode now due to the stress lately of dealing with K and B. I had to take a leave from work. But I know it will pass and I will go back to my “plateau of normalcy” for awhile. But I also know now that it is a life-long disability that I just have to learn to deal with. I learned that by seeking help. I go to Group Therapy and will be starting Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in the next couple of weeks.
If you think you are suffering from depression, addiction, or any other type of mental illness, seek help. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be ashamed. You are not alone.


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