Feeding time

Meal time is always a “fun” time around here. K has an eating disorder called PICA which means he eats everything and anything. From a medical glove (the non-latex kind) to string to carpet underpadding to couch stuffing, he has eaten it all! It also means he doesn’t have a FULL gauge on his stomach. He would eat all day if we let him. Anyways, back to actual mealtimes. K has to have 2 plates. If we give it all to him at once he will shovel it all in his mouth. So we have to give him a little at a time. He doesn’t like that. At all. He will grab off other’s plates and try to grab his other plate, so we usually end up with food flown everywhere. Does anyone else have food issues with their children? I have a BT working with him for it, but so far I have seen no improvement.
Comments please.


3 thoughts on “Feeding time

  1. hi like you i have food issues with my child with autistical needs. except mines the other way. he eats next to nothing and likes very little. if i change the food i buy in anyway he knows and refuses to then eat it as its ‘change’. he likes what you call the white food groups pasta chicken potatoes tuna fish fingers yoghurts and thats mainly it meal wise even then he dosent eat alot of whats in front of him.

    • How old is he? When K was younger he only had a handful of food items he would eat. Hot dogs, pizza and spaghetti. Then all of a sudden it seems he started eating more variety and now he eats anything

      • hes 6 years old and will be 7 in september. hes been like this from a very early age even weening was a problem up until 3 he had to have all food completely mashed or he wouldnt eat it and end up choking

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