K’s new eyes

About 2 years ago K woke up with his right eyeball bulging out and it was a weird grey colour. Turns out he had Keratoconus, an eye disorder that causes the eyeball to become cone shaped and can lead to blindness. We made an appt with Sick Kids and saw an eye specialist. He told us K would need a corneal transplant in both eyes. He had his first surgery in Jan 2011 and his second surgery this past September. Thanks to the doctor, the wonderful staff, and the thoughtful person who made the decision to donate their eyes, K went from being legally blind to having 20/40 vision (20/20 with glasses). Needless to say I am now a huge supporter of organ donation! Of course, working with people on dialysis I see the need for organ donation all the time.
Now if K would only keep his glasses ON!
Please consider organ donation next time you renew YOUR license. You could save so many lives and enrich the lives of others.


1 thought on “K’s new eyes

  1. Im not an organ donor….for several personal reasons. But reading this had made me think twice, ive only just got to know you and i love hearing your stories of K, and to hear that from someone being an organ donor and from that have improved K’s vision/life then i will now become a donor! X

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